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A Family Tree of Bakers

John Burnett, born 1835John Burnett Born 1835
John Burnett, born 1870John Burnett Born 1870
William Burnett, born 1872William Burnett Born 1872
William Burnett, born 1907William Burnett Born 1907
John Burnett, born 1902John Burnett Born 1902
Mary Burnett, born 1906Mary Burnett Born 1906
Jack Burnett, born 1907Jack Burnett Born 1907
Bill Burnett, born 1934Bill Burnett Born 1934
Harry Gow, born 1935Harry Gow Born 1935
Hamish Gow, born 1932Hamish Gow Born 1933
Jane Gow, born 1964Jane Gow Born 1964
Sara Gow, born 1968Sara Gow Born 1968
David Gow, born 1972David Gow Born 1972
Fraser Gow, born 1981Fraser Gow Born 1981

Harry Gow Through The Ages

The famous Burnett's Bro's - second generation John and William - in 1898 began the empire which became Burnett's bakery, Inverness.
The Burnett's company logo
This was taken on by the next generation and where Harry (second from the right) served his apprenticeship before becoming confectionery manager.
Harry served his apprenticeship before becoming confectionery manager Burnett's Wedding cakes
Initial bakery construction Initial bakery construction
Initial bakery construction.
The birth of the brand.
Michael Gourlay was the man who stood next to Harry in the bakery when the doors first opened in July 1979, when there were just four employees (including Harry). He loyally served as production manager for 30 years until he retired in 2009.
The bakery and shop in the days before the luxury of Tarmac!
Demand for Harry Gow products had already outgrown space - the portacabin became the confectionery.
Harry with his young apprentice Calum in the days before hair nets! Calum now has 30+ years experience and has the know-how to do any cake design our customers are capable of dreaming up.
Ahead of its time. The super-duper walk-on takeaway van, just like a shop on wheels!
The brand goes from strength to strength.
A young David Gow looking rather continental whilst serving part of his Belgium-based apprenticeship.
Acquisition of the traditional Italian ice cream maker of the North - Capaldiʼs.
Further re-branding incorporating the colours of the Highlands.
One of our many fundraising evenings demonstrating artisan bread and fine gateaux work.
At the bequest of Madonna this hand sculpted grand piano cake was made as a gift for one of the performers (possibly Sting) at her wedding. The pictures of it went worldwide.
Winner of the Epilepsy Scotland Employer of the Year 2003 presented by Jackie Bird. Harry achieved this award by showing compassion and going out of his way to accommodate epilepsy sufferers in a working environment.
Crowned FIRST EVER Scottish Baker of the Year in 2012 presented by Paul Hollywood. This was the culmination of the hard work shown by Harry and his 60+ years in the trade, his family and the loyal staff which have surrounded him for 30+ years.
So, itʼs been an eventful 30+ years. Whatever next…