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Good, honest and tasty

Having gone to the effort of making our own bread and rolls it would be very easy to buy in pre-made fillings. It would also be very easy to buy in pre-made soup. But that would be too easy and it wouldn’t taste as good.

Our sandwich and pie fillings are made fresh, from scratch and to our own recipes. This gives our wonderful slow fermented bread and rolls or special pie pastry the filling it deserves.

As for the soup, it tastes just like homemade. Why? Well, obviously the ingredients are fresh and it’s made from scratch. But also when Harry was slaving away in the bakery his wife was at home making soup for his dinner. It tasted so good he pinched the recipes.

With this, and a lot of hard work in development, we have a wonderful range of great tasting soups - one for every day of the week - made with love for you!