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Cakes made with love!

Confectionery 1

Nowadays, independent and supermarket bakers are being lazy! They are using premixed ingredients bags for convenience and cost savings. You may just have to add water, maybe a bit yeast, give it a quick mix and Bob’s your uncle.

As fifth generation bakers with a proud tradition in proper scratch baking we think it’s tragic, it tastes so bland and it’s just not how baking should be!

We use the finest local and continental ingredients, our confectioners take pride in finishing each and every single cake to perfection.

Confectionery 2
Of course, everything is made from scratch from start to finish - the jams, the buttercream, the icings, the caramel, the cake sponge, the pastry, the biscuits...and if you’ve ever wondered how a Harry Gow cake tastes the way it does, this is it, this is how.

There are no great secrets (apart from in Harry’s recipe book) and it’s not rocket science. But it is an investment on our part, in people and in quality ingredients. But we feel it’s worth it and wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope you agree.

Confectionery 3